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Private Flat, ul. Uniwersytecka

The Flat is located in the city Centre, just 550 meters from The International Conference Centre in Katowice and 1,1 km from the train stadion. Spodek Arena is only 5 minutes walk from the flat. Apartment is situated on the 3rd floor. Elevator is available. There is one room in the Flat, with comfortable double bed. Bathroom is fitted with shower, toilet, towels, hair dryer and washing machine. Kitchen is also fully equipped, with refrigerator, oven, electric kettle, dishwasher.

Distance to the venue (International Conference Centre in Katowice): 0.5 km

Hotel Address:
Private Flat, ul. Uniwersytecka
ul. Uniwersytecka
40-007 Katowice

Rooms and Prices

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Room type: Number of beds: Price: Number of rooms: Want to book?
Entire apartment (1 room)
1 660.00 PLN
Entire apartment (1 room) 2018-12-02 660.00 PLN
Entire apartment (1 room) 2018-12-03 660.00 PLN
Entire apartment (1 room) 2018-12-04 660.00 PLN
Entire apartment (1 room) 2018-12-05 660.00 PLN
Entire apartment (1 room) 2018-12-06 660.00 PLN
Entire apartment (1 room) 2018-12-07 660.00 PLN
Price includes: Note: the minimum lenght of the stay 5 nights continously must be maintained
For bookings please contact us via e-mail: [email protected]