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Galaxy Hotel

Located in the immediate proximity of the Old Town, the Galaxy Hotel**** is a unique place in the centre of Krakow. When you decide to stay with us, you will receive a whole lot of good vibes and plenty of opportunities to visit the most important city of the Malopolska Region.

We offer superior quality rooms overlooking Grzegorzki, a district steeped in history, tradition, and unmatched charm. You will have a nice place to stay the night, get ready for your presentation and/or determine your sightseeing itinerary. You will get a warm and friendly welcome, and professional and courteous service throughout your stay. Hotel guests are able to use our indoor swimming pool with Jacuzzi. Our SPA & Wellness centre offers various relaxing, rejuvenating and beautifying treatments. The guests are welcome to use our steam and dry saunas.

We take pride in being recognised as the most conveniently located and best equipped hotel in Krakow where you can hold conferences and business meetings. In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, we offer comprehensive support services to ensure that your event is successful and that its participants are simply delighted.

For those who wish to experience all the positive vibes, the Galaxy Hotel**** is the place to be.

Distance to the venue (International Conference Centre in Katowice): 86.0 km
Driving time by dedicated/private transfer (coach, minivan, taxi) to venue up to: 75 minutes

if you are interested in private transfers send request at

Hotel Address:
Galaxy Hotel
Gęsia 22A
31-535 Kraków

Rooms and Prices

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Rooms availability: Arrival Departure
For early bookings, please contact us, we can offer the best prices. Send request.
Room type: Number of beds: Price: Number of rooms: Want to book?
Single Superior
1 450.00 PLN
Single Superior 2018-12-01 450.00 PLN
Single Superior 2018-12-02 450.00 PLN
Single Superior 2018-12-03 450.00 PLN
Single Superior 2018-12-04 450.00 PLN
Single Superior 2018-12-05 450.00 PLN
Single Superior 2018-12-06 450.00 PLN
Single Superior 2018-12-07 450.00 PLN
Single Superior 2018-12-08 450.00 PLN
Single Superior 2018-12-09 450.00 PLN
Single Superior 2018-12-10 450.00 PLN
Single Superior 2018-12-11 450.00 PLN
Single Superior 2018-12-12 450.00 PLN
Single Superior 2018-12-13 450.00 PLN
Single Superior 2018-12-14 450.00 PLN
Single Room
1 330.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-01 330.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-02 330.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-03 330.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-04 330.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-05 330.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-06 330.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-07 330.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-08 330.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-09 330.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-10 330.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-11 330.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-12 330.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-13 330.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-14 330.00 PLN
Double Room
1 370.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-01 370.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-02 370.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-03 370.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-04 370.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-05 370.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-06 370.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-07 370.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-08 370.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-09 370.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-10 370.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-11 370.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-12 370.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-13 370.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-14 370.00 PLN
Double Superior
1 490.00 PLN
Double Superior 2018-12-01 490.00 PLN
Double Superior 2018-12-02 490.00 PLN
Double Superior 2018-12-03 490.00 PLN
Double Superior 2018-12-04 490.00 PLN
Double Superior 2018-12-05 490.00 PLN
Double Superior 2018-12-06 490.00 PLN
Double Superior 2018-12-07 490.00 PLN
Double Superior 2018-12-08 490.00 PLN
Double Superior 2018-12-09 490.00 PLN
Double Superior 2018-12-10 490.00 PLN
Double Superior 2018-12-11 490.00 PLN
Double Superior 2018-12-12 490.00 PLN
Double Superior 2018-12-13 490.00 PLN
Double Superior 2018-12-14 490.00 PLN
Price includes: breakfast and VAT Note: the minimum lenght of the stay 5 nights continously must be maintained
For groups (for 6 rooms and more) please fill in Group Accommodation Form


Cancellation and Payment Policy

Booking Conditions for Individuals

Payment policy

Please, be kindly informed that due to high and constant interest in accommodation in Katowice Metropolis & Silesian Region, the 100% prepayment of the confirmed services should be paid upon booking.

Cancellation policy

Taking into account aformentioned, please be kindly informed that any cancellation is 100% payable and no refund is possible.