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Kossak Hotel

The Kossak Hotel stands out with its elegant interior design, stylish furnishings, care for details and use of top-quality materials only. We offer spacious rooms and luxurious suites for accommodation in Krakow, extraordinary cuisine at our restaurants, concierge care and numerous possibilities for business guests, such as holding conferences, formal banquets, business events and team-building events.

Distance to the venue (International Conference Centre in Katowice): 80.9 km
Driving time by dedicated/private transfer (coach, minivan, taxi) to venue up to: 70 minutes

if you are interested in private transfers send request at

Hotel Address:
Kossak Hotel
Plac Kossaka 1
31-106 Kraków

Rooms and Prices

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Rooms availability: Arrival Departure
For early bookings, please contact us, we can offer the best prices. Send request.
Room type: Number of beds: Price: Number of rooms: Want to book?
Single Room
1 530.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-01 530.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-02 530.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-03 530.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-04 530.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-05 530.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-06 530.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-07 530.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-08 530.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-09 530.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-10 530.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-11 530.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-12 530.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-13 530.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-14 530.00 PLN
Double Room
1 580.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-01 580.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-02 580.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-03 580.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-04 580.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-05 580.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-06 580.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-07 580.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-08 580.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-09 580.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-10 580.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-11 580.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-12 580.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-13 580.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-14 580.00 PLN
Price includes: breakfast and VAT Note: the minimum lenght of the stay 5 nights continously must be maintained
For groups (for 6 rooms and more) please fill in Group Accommodation Form


Cancellation and Payment Policy

Booking Conditions for Individuals

Payment policy

Please, be kindly informed that due to high and constant interest in accommodation in Katowice Metropolis & Silesian Region, the 100% prepayment of the confirmed services should be paid upon booking.

Cancellation policy

Taking into account aformentioned, please be kindly informed that any cancellation is 100% payable and no refund is possible.