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Best Western Premier Kraków Hotel

Best Western is a chain of hotelsthat have provided its customers with the highest quality of hotel services for more than 50 years now. As a member of this world’s largest hotel chain, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction and gear all our efforts towards settingthe top standards. We are the first Best Western hotel in Poland to have been recognized with the “Premier” title, meaning we are the quality leaders. You can be sure that we will go that extra mile to meet your expectations during your stay. We want your hotel experience to be synonymous with comfort and positive emotions, that’s why all rooms at the Best Western Premier are soundproof, air-conditioned and offer Internet access and cable TV.

71 of the total of 169 rooms are double rooms, equipped with a 160 cm wide double bed. Bathrooms in twenty one of those rooms have a shower cabin, the other fifty are fitted with bathtubs and showers.

Distance to the venue (International Conference Centre in Katowice): 76.0 km
Driving time by dedicated/private transfer (coach, minivan, taxi) to venue up to: 65 minutes

if you are interested in private transfers send request at

Hotel Address:
Best Western Premier Kraków Hotel
ul. Opolska 14a
31-323 Kraków

Rooms and Prices

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Rooms availability: Arrival Departure
For early bookings, please contact us, we can offer the best prices. Send request.
Room type: Number of beds: Price: Number of rooms: Want to book?
Single Room
1 285.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-01 285.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-02 285.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-03 285.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-04 285.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-05 285.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-06 285.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-07 285.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-08 285.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-09 285.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-10 285.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-11 285.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-12 285.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-13 285.00 PLN
Single Room 2018-12-14 285.00 PLN
Double Room
1 305.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-01 305.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-02 305.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-03 305.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-04 305.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-05 305.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-06 305.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-07 305.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-08 305.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-09 305.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-10 305.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-11 305.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-12 305.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-13 305.00 PLN
Double Room 2018-12-14 305.00 PLN
Twin Room
2 305.00 PLN
Twin Room 2018-12-01 305.00 PLN
Twin Room 2018-12-02 305.00 PLN
Twin Room 2018-12-03 305.00 PLN
Twin Room 2018-12-04 305.00 PLN
Twin Room 2018-12-05 305.00 PLN
Twin Room 2018-12-06 305.00 PLN
Twin Room 2018-12-07 305.00 PLN
Twin Room 2018-12-08 305.00 PLN
Twin Room 2018-12-09 305.00 PLN
Twin Room 2018-12-10 305.00 PLN
Twin Room 2018-12-11 305.00 PLN
Twin Room 2018-12-12 305.00 PLN
Twin Room 2018-12-13 305.00 PLN
Twin Room 2018-12-14 305.00 PLN
Price includes: breakfast and VAT Note: the minimum lenght of the stay 5 nights continously must be maintained
For groups (for 6 rooms and more) please fill in Group Accommodation Form


Cancellation and Payment Policy

Booking Conditions for Individuals

Payment policy

Please, be kindly informed that due to high and constant interest in accommodation in Katowice Metropolis & Silesian Region, the 100% prepayment of the confirmed services should be paid upon booking.

Cancellation policy

Taking into account aformentioned, please be kindly informed that any cancellation is 100% payable and no refund is possible.