COP24 Funded Delegates Accommodation

Please read carefuly below instruction on booking procedure

Funded Delegations by the UNFCCC Secretariat

Although flexible cancellation policies have been negotiated in order to facilitate booking choices, the Government of Poland has taken into account that advance payments may be an issue for some delegations.
Therefore, the selected choice of establishments available on this dedicated interface will allow you to book your room(s) without needing any advance payment. After completing the online booking process, you will receive an official confirmation of your reservation(s) and the amount corresponding to your full stay will be deducted from the Daily Subsistence Allowance provided to you by UNFCCC upon arrival in Katowice, Poland.

Should you prefer to access a larger choice of hotels feel free to consult the general accommodation website: where bookings are subject to deposit payments through credit card or bank wire transfer.

We look forward to welcoming you in Katowice in November/December 2018!
Mazurkas Accommodation Team

step 1

How to book a hotel room if I am entitled to funded accommodation?
Please read carefuly below instruction on booking procedure. Terms and Conditions below.

step 2

Review the list of available hotels and select your preferred one.

step 3

Upon receiving a preliminary confirmation, please fill in and send us back the “Commitment Form”.
Then your booking will be guaranteed.

Terms and Conditions

No deposit is required. The amount corresponding to the total stay (including breakfast and local tax) will be deducted from the Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) provided to you by UNFCCC upon arrival in Katowice, Poland.

In case of cancellation, please note that the reduction of stay is allowed for a minimum of 12 nights.

From 12th October 2018 onwards, the whole reserved stay is due to the hotel and the corresponding amount will be deducted from the DSA provided to me by UNFCCC unless Mazurkas – Booking Operator can resell all or part of the room-nights. In such a case deduction from DSA would only occur for the part of room-nights remaining unused.

In case I do not attend the Conference, or attend for a period that is shorter than the stay now reserved, any amount that cannot be deducted from my individual DSA in Katowice, Poland shall be deducted by UNFCCC from my future DSA entitlements.

Cancellations and modifications shall be communicated to Mazurkas – Booking Operator in writing via email at the following designated address:

Please note:

  • telephone cancellations are not accepted as valid.
  • cancellations and modifications (subject to availability) will be confirmed within 12 hours.


To facilitate request of the payment of deposit the following procedure and conditions will be followed:

  • To facilitate the process, the secretariat encourages Parties eligible for funding through its NFP, to enter the names of their nominees in the ORS online funding system, as soon as possible but not later than 12th October 2018.
  • The secretariat provides Mazurkas – Booking Operator with the list of funded participants.
  • Funded participants requesting the secretariat to advance a deposit on their behalf will receive a commitment letter from Mazurkas – Booking Operator (to be signed and returned) approving the deduction of the full stay from their Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA).
  • Upon receipt of the signed form, the secretariat will take the necessary administrative steps to deduct the accommodation cost from the funded participants’ total DSA entitlement
  • Funded participants requesting the secretariat to advance a deposit on their behalf would obtain the balance of their DSA (i.e., the full DSA entitlement less the payments made on their behalf) at the conference venue
  • Any other charges, adjustments, changes or refunds occurring after the UNFCCC secretariat has paid the deposit must be settled directly between the funded participant(s) and Mazurkas – Booking Operator or the accommodation provider, without any involvement of, or recourse to the UNFCCC secretariat.

Important Dates

12th October – deadline for reservation for Funded Delegates.

Hotels list

for the Funded Delegates